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If you can visit a country to savor its sights and sounds, feel the people’s pulse, taste its local cuisine, marvel at its architectures, breathe the same air that permeated many centuries of history and culture, will that be wonderful? If you can interact with the local customs and practices, share in their daily toils and get to understand their native tongue, chances are your learning cup can get full. No amount of vicariously reading about a country online for days on end will match your learning. But not everyone has this luxury. For many people, it’s enough to blog about a country. You get to read news stories about it, get political insights, an understanding of its history and cultures in microcosm and more importantly, participate in a discussion a about anything a everything in any of its blog articles.

Portugal Blog

It’s the interaction the often counts. At Portugal Blog, the people behind it know the value of interacting with the clients of its sister sites in Portugal Web and Portugal Shop or with any site visitor for that matter. The interaction opens up an entire new vista for seeing things differently, learning what’s new and how best to get them, while making an impression on your clients that Portugal Web cares and keeps up to date on market lifestyle trends. After all, Portugal Web is all about offering to the world the Portuguese lifestyle and the products at its Portugal Shop epitomize the finest traditions that have defined this lifestyle for centuries. Equestrian and embroidery products may be just a minute part of the Portuguese cultural landscape, but they speak volumes about the country and its people. And this is where Portugal Blog comes in.

What to Expect Blogging at Portugal Blog
Portugal Web has been promoting the Iberian country of Portugal with its lifestyle products since January 2007. Together with Portugal Shop and this site, Portugal Web is a young company which has the most profound task of promoting to the world the cultural heritage of the country’s history by presenting contemporary lifestyles under a microscope. Here is where Portugal Blog acts as its mouthpiece.
Portugal Blog now enjoys a growing library of information about the country and its people, its culture and history, its festivities that celebrate what it means to be Portuguese as well as products crafted from the hands that shaped its social and economic place in the world at large.
You get articles about Portuguese cuisine and its unique contribution to the world’s culinary arts such as the wines and olives that have made Portugal famous the world over. There’s contemporary and traditional arts, the performing arts, music and photography articles of who’s making the news around the world. You also get articles about its flora and fauna and its diverse ecosystems that include indigenous animal breeds like dogs and horses.
Its famous Lusitano horse and the equestrian events around Portugal and Europe are likewise featured. Cottage industry crafts like its famous embroideries from the Viana do Castelo regions are discussed in greater depth and detail.
Portugal Blog also has its Blogroll section linking a number of culture-centric websites such as the Serralves Foundation, the Centro Cultural de Belem, and the Gulnenkian Foundation. The Blogroll also points to elements of contemporary Portuguese life with an online broadsheet site in the Portuguese language, the local land and air travel schedules, its socio-political weather statistics, and the schedules for its radio and TV content in its local airwaves.
It also links with The Economist online where our visitors can get the latest updates concerning the business and economic pulse of Portugal, the EU and the rest of the world.
Not only does Portugal Blog site provide Portugal Web a venue for letting its clients and visitors savor contemporary Portuguese lifestyle interspersed with snapshots of its products, it also creates a wealth of insight from its markets and the public in general. It not only serves as Portugal’s mouthpiece but allows the people behind Portugal Web a feel of its markets and what its clients think about the site, its products and services.
This why we invite you to comment and post your insights into any of the articles posted on the blog. We would love nothing more than to grow the business with our markets behind us all the way.